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Dr. J. (James) Alva Scruggs received a B. S. degree in Chemistry from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, M. S. in Chemistry from Southern Connecticut State University, M. A./ Degree in Urban Studies from Occidental College, and a Doctorate in Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts.

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If you are over fifty years you will notice that doctors of today generally seem to be less concerned with the patient’s personal state of mind as they are with their medical and psychological conditions in general. In the forties the physicals would take time to get a fell for the psychological state in which the patient comes to him and then try to diagnose the medical and physical condition they may have. It is well recorded that stress and tension can be the precursor to most medical problems.  But the determination of a patient’s mental state takes much more time than the easy give him or her a cure all pill or special procedure! Can a Doctor really treat you if they show very little interest in the whole patient??
The most recent records show that medical Doctors are the third leading cause of deaths in the USA!! They are attributed to about 35,000 patients per year. Hospitals are credited with about 100,000 deaths pre year. Because of the present “Industrial Medical      Complex” run by the Medical Insurance Industry doctors must make their money by the volume of patients they can see. With the present major role of “The Medical Insurnce Industry Complex” medicine has become a money making machine! (UWE E. REINHARDT, How Much Money Do Insurance Companies Make? A Primer, Today’s Economist, September 25, 2009) this make the time of a Patient with the doctor out ten to fifteen minutes per visit!!  Today’s doctors are no mover than the “medical traffic directors” of patient’s treatments!!! (48,000+ die of preventable hospital deaths, (UPI),   Feb. 23, 2010) (In Hostipal Deaths from Medical Errors at 195,000+ per Year USA, Medical News Today, 09 Aug 2004)

The number to cause of patiets deaths in the US is Pharmaceuticals! (ACinMA , #2 Cause of US Deaths: Pharmaceuticals, Daily Paul Liberty Forum,  12/11/2010) The rates of unintentional poisoning– from prescription in the U.S. has surpassed motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of unintentional injury, death (Health Team, Documentary reveals the unhealthy profits of the pharmaceutical industry, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, August 11th, 2010) All of this demonstrates that patenets must be aware and involved in their medical dianosis and treatment.

Reports show that, Yes, the  lack of knowledge can literally kill you, with the help of others no doubt.

·        42% of people believed they had personally experienced a medical mistake (NPSF survey)

·        44,000 to 98,000 deaths annually from medical errors (Institute of Medicine)

·         225,000 deaths annually from medical errors including 106,000 deaths due to "nonerror adverse events of medications" (Starfield)

·        180,000 deaths annually from medication errors and adverse reactions (Holland)

·        20,000 annually to 88,000 deaths annually from nosocomial infections 2.9 to 3.7 percent of hospitalizations leading to adverse medication reactions 7,391 deaths resulted from medication errors

·        (Institute of Medicine) 2.4 to 3.6 percent of hospital admissions were due to (prescription) medication events (Australian study)


Moreover, when a doctor says hat they have a procedure that they would like you to endur the patient must try to drtermine if they really need to participate as a long suffering patient. This is especially true if the physician has shown very little interest in their whole personal condition! This surely shows that an ignorant preson in todays world of knowledge may as well be dead!


March 19, 2013, the day that will live in my memory forever. On this mooring I went to the bathroom with dirtier and on the way back to my favorite chair I slipped and fell in my own leavings! I ended up hitting my head on the floor and landing in front of my chair. It felt like my headed was a watermelon as I hit with a fluid like clunk!! I could not get up and in my haze started to look for a phone. After a long (short) agonizing time I saw the phone just under the chair and managed to dial 911 and my daughter, Valerie!!
911 sent an ambulance, which came to the front door, which was locked. I managed to tell them to come in through the garage door. The next thing I remember was coming too in the emergency room of the Tallahassee Community Hospital. I could not speak nor think very clearly. I again passed out and when coming too again I remember that my daughter was there. My mind was going from one vision to another and I was unable to distinguish between being awake or dreaming. I was tied to the bed with straps on both hands. There was a tube (catcher) in my neck and another one inch from my heart--- so I was told or over heard from the staff talking to each other. Every time I was given something through these Cathers I became delusional and was seeing things of great indignation. 
I must say before I go any further that my daughters were my salvation. My third daughter was especially attentive. She moved to Tallahassee from Lakeland, which was about 300 miles down state Florida to take care of me. She made my day. I was always looking for her visit during each day. I ma very careful to say that all my daughters did what they could. The God of my world certainly acted through her. If there were any depressing things that happened to me, my family’s efforts more than made up for these bad things!! That being said I must record my experiences through my eyes, both good and bad!
“Code Blue!!!” and everything went away. Then everything came back. But the clocks were minutes ahead my last look!! There were nurses and doctors bending ove my bed. I was laying there trying to get my bareings! Some one was saying, “What’s your name?? How old are you?? How many fingers do you see??” Then the crowd went away!!!
It was some time later and darkness spread upon my that entire mind could perceive. There was a voice piecing through the abyss saying, Count too three and open the door at the light.There was in front of my minds perception a doorknob with a bright light behind a door, which was closed. I started to count “…1….2…. 2.1…2.3…..2.4….” The voice came again saying you must count using whole numbers. I therefore started to count again “…1….2….2.1…2.4…2.5…” Suddenly there was a voice saying Dad you have got to wake up and a soft warm hand was shaking my shoulder. They said again, “Dad! You got to wake up!!” I stopped all I was doing and lay quietly for what seemed to be an eternity. I finally said, “I am using my last energy. My synapses and neurons are firing. Sylvia get me out of here they are killing me!!!”
I passed out again and when I woke up again I was in another place and they staff was trying to weigh me in a sling. Sylvia was there and I said out loud, “Sylvia get me out of here the staff are gay and one was assuring me that he was not HIV infected.” This man was what is called a “Flaming Homosexual.” He was switching and popping/smacking his lips making a nasty smacking sound. I passed out again and upon waking again I was back at the ICU in the Emergency Room. A doctor was saying in the background,.” “There is no way I can get eighty pounds of fluid off this man!!” I had a Catcher in both my throat and my arm running one inch from my heart. A voice was saying we must get a tracheotomy done!! I again got up enough energy to say, “Hell no …no traykeeotomy! Sylvia pleases!!” I passed out again and when I came too again I was in a place called “Select” which was a medical recovery center. It was again a stroke of luck for me.
All this time the CNA was pressing something call a “K pack” over my face. It was a source of oxygen. But they were hurting me by miss-applying this contraption. There was a practically aggressive man, six ft 5ins tall holding me down and maintaining this mask on my face. The mask was cutting into my hose and forehead. Blood was running into my eyes and my nose was broken. The man was saying, “I am here to help you just be still and take this …” I summoned up as much energy as I could and kicked him off me screaming and kicking. I refused to stop until this man was removed from the room. Finally another staff member came in and allowed me to assist in getting the oxygen K-Pack on. But by now my face was paining and bleeding.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014




            There are many questions that are vulnerable to answers from someone! However, more importantly there are immersing answers for questions that America does not want to hear the answers and no one is brave enough to provide face.

For example;

1.     Answer: Florida has been without a Lt. Governor for about a year, which indicates that this position is not really needed. Question: Why, was the position of Lt. Governor, which was held by a Black female, who was vacated with malice, left empty for one year?


2.      Answer: Americans well vote against their best interest if a well-financed campaign with a lot of money is waged this would convenience the voter that he can be reelected as Governor. Question: Why does Governor Scott think that he can be reelected as Governor in 2014?

3.      Answer: The Republican Tea Party group is working hard with “excessive entanglement“ to assure that Obama is not successful in anything he proposes because he is Black. Question: Why are the Republicans voting down all proposals of the Obama administration?

4.      Answer: Americans are so dedicated to the predatory, criminal, exporting Capitalism practiced in America because they are taught that any form of capitalism is best as an economic institution in the world and further that capitalism is a natural law of the universe. Question: Why does the American voters feel that it’s capitalism must not be regulated?

5.      Answer: The institution of criminal justice acts to destroy the lives of Blacks in a disproportional manner mainly because of racism in American culture? Question: Why are there so many Blacks in prison? Are Blacks innately criminals?

6.      Answer: Although Governor Scott, who is alleged to be one of the worst governors in the history of Florida and shows very little evidence of the value of the citizens, he thinks that the voters can be convinced to vote ageist their best interest by the money of a devious campaign. Question: Why does Governor Scott feel that he can be re-elected governor?

7.      Answer: The Republican Tea Party feel so hostile toward educated leaders/people because they are looking for simple answers that fit their bias prejudices against race, sex, homosexuals, and different ethic groups. Question: Why do the Tea party groups fight against science, and other logic answers to questions?


There are so many important answers for which questions are not being asked. Do you wonder why?


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